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Privacy Policy


1. Definitions 

  • Association means the Malta Midwives Association
  • Handles and derivatives thereof implies both storage and processing
  • Data-Controller means the President ad interim of the Association
  • Data-Processor means the midwife delegated by the Association to coordinate the programme
  • You and Your primarily means the person applying to attend one of the programmes; hence what is legally considered as the ‘’data-subject’’, but, where the context so requires, also includes the other individuals mentioned under the; and 
  • Programmes means the range of programme, as indicated on the Association’s website. 

2. Your Privacy 

  • Your privacy is of utmost importance by the Association. This notice is therefore a detailed explanation of how the Association handles the personal information you are required to submit when applying to join one of our programmes. 
  • The Association only handles information as provided by you. It does not supplement this data from any other source.

3. Information handled 

  • The only information handled by the Association is your name and surname, address, e-mail and telephone number (both mobile and land-line as the case may be). 
  • The Association can also handle the personal information you provide with respect to your husband/partner and/or grandparents of your child, as well as, any other individual. The details are always limited to those indicated in the previous paragraph. 
  • In this regard, it is your responsibility to ensure that the individual whose details you provide to the Association, be that of the husband/partner or other person, has consented to you forwarding the personal details to the Association. 

4. How we use your information 

  • When you apply via email for enrollment in a programme, you are thereby giving your consent to the Data-Processor to handle the information you are providing and to retain same as indicated in section 5 hereof; 
  • By applying for a programme you are thereby consenting that the Association will handle your information and/or communicate with you via sms, telephone and/or written medium. This applies to both the programme you choose to enroll in, as well as those programmes that may be of interest to you, both during pregnancy as well as post-partum. 
  • Your details are stored on the Data-Processor’s personal PC which PC is pass-word protected. 
  • The Association does not share your details with any third party, be it a Government Department, organisation (commercial or otherwise) or individual, except for the midwife or professional person providing the programme you are enrolled in. 
  • Should you not wish to receive information regarding one or other of the programmes, then you are entitled to inform the Association accordingly. 
  • You are also entitled to withdraw your consent at any time and withdraw from any programme. Withdrawal has to be submitted in writing without a need to specify any reason as to why you are withdrawing your consent. Withdrawal is without prejudice to the Association’s policy of not refunding money paid on enrollment.

5. Retention 

  • Your details are kept for a period of two years since the date of booking for a programme. That way the Association, as per paragraph 4.2 herein, will be in a position to communicate with you if there is a programme of relevance to your situation; 
  • Once the period mentioned in the preceding paragraph is over, your details will be completed deleted. So however that, if for audit purposes, the Associations’ external auditors require that a list of attendees is kept for a longer period, pending the finalization of the Annual Audit report, the Association will only retain your name and surname until such time as the auditors provide the Association with a clean bill of health. The other personal details will anyway be deleted in accordance with the normal retention policy indicated in paragraph 5.1 hereof. 

6. Compliance 

  • The Association guarantees a high level of compliance with Data Protection legislation. 
  • If you require more information and/or need to file a complaint, you can contact the Data-Controller by writing a note addressed to The President, Malta Midwives Association, Entrance 62 Office 1, Triq Il-Kuncizzjoni, Msida, MSD1839 marking the envelope ‘’Private and Confidential’’. 
  • You may also file a complaint with the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Level 2 Airways House High Street Sliema SLM1549. 


1. Cancellation and Refund Guidelines

Cancellations, refunds and adjustments are only handled in accordance with MMA policies, terms and conditions. These can be found below.

2. Minimum Cancellation and Refund Policy
We do not currently support any functionality that allows you to offer pro rata or any type of refunds if booking is cancelled.

3. Cancellation Process
Applicants who want to cancel one or more appointment must do so through the cancellation process. Refunds are not applicable.